Prosthodontic Care – Westfield, MA

How Our Experts Can Help Rebuild Your Smile

Prosthodontists are specialists who have been trained in prosthetic dentistry, which is classified as one of the nine dental specialties by the American Dental Association. To become a prosthodontist, one has to complete four years of dental school and then three more years of prosthodontic training that focuses on several kinds of treatments, including dental crowns, bridges, dentures, TMJ disorders, dental implants, and cosmetic dentistry. If you are thinking of making major changes to the appearance of your smile, are suffering from a complex dental condition, or want to replace missing teeth with dental implants, you may benefit from seeing a prosthodontist.

Here at EMA Dental of Westfield, our prosthodontists are proud to offer a wide range of services to create healthier, more dazzling smiles. We fully understand that there are multiple facets of care that need to be considered to make the best decisions for your oral and overall health. For this reason, our prosthodontists work together to create multi-specialty treatment plans. Many other specialists and dentists in the area often refer their patients to us so they can get the care they need. Additionally, we value being able to form meaningful relationships with our patients to ensure that we’re fully meeting their needs. Would you like to schedule a prosthodontic consultation at our Westfield dental office? Call us today.

Why Choose EMA Dental of Westfield for Prosthodontic Care?

  • Expertly Trained In-House Prosthodontic Specialists
  • State-of-the-Art Dental Technology
  • Multiple Payment Options for Affordable Treatments

The Benefits of Choosing a Prosthodontist

Senior dental patient admiring her smile in mirror after visiting Westfield prosthodontist

You only have one smile, so doesn’t it deserve the best possible care from a true expert? Thanks to their training, prosthodontists are knowledgeable in a wide variety of treatments. As just one example, not only can they place dental implants, but they can also restore them with fully customized crowns, bridges, and dentures; in other words, they can complete the entire dental implant process under one roof. This is a significant benefit because many dentists would have to refer you to a separate specialist. At EMA Dental of Westfield, you’ll have the same familiar experts by your side every step of the way.

Also, if there are numerous cosmetic and restorative flaws in your smile, a prosthodontist can figure out the best way to address them all and create a healthier, more dazzling smile. And once again, we have the necessary training and knowledge to perform the entire procedure in-house, so you won’t have to drive to a separate practice in a different part of town.

Dental Implants

Illustration of dental implant with crown in lower jaw

When teeth can’t be restored, we can explore your options for replacement. In many cases, after the tooth is removed completely, we can replace it with a dental implant and a personalized crown. Thanks to the implant post fusing with the jawbone, your new tooth will both look and feel very lifelike. Additionally, the implant post will help prevent bone loss in your jaw.

Learn More About Dental Implants


Two full dentures resting on tray

When multiple teeth are missing or need to be removed, dentures can help you replace all of them at once. Our team at EMA Dental of Westfield can offer natural-looking dentures that are designed to sit on your gums as comfortably as possible. Well-fitted dentures help restore your chewing ability so that you can continue eating a wide variety of nutritious foods, and they make it possible to continue speaking in a clear, easy-to-understand way. In addition to full dentures, we also offer partial dentures that can be made to fill in multiple gaps in your smile no matter where they’re located.