Veneers – Westfield, MA

Make Dental Flaws Disappear!

When you look in the mirror, are you happy with your smile? If the answer is “no,” then it’s time to schedule a consultation with our Westfield dental team. After all, you deserve to have a smile that you love! We’d love to learn all about your dream smile and, perhaps more importantly, how to make it a reality. For many patients, that involves veneers, which are one of the most sought-after cosmetic dental services. If you want to learn more, keep reading or reach out to us to schedule a consultation!

Why Choose EMA Dental for Veneers?

  • Long-Lasting, Natural-Looking Materials
  • Flexible Financing Welcome
  • Convenient Appointment Times

What Are Dental Veneers?

illustration of veneers being placed on top of teeth

Dental veneers are thin shells of ceramic that are custom-made to fit perfectly over the front-facing surface of your teeth. Since the size, shape, and shade of each one are personalized to your specific aesthetic goals as well, they can enhance virtually every aspect of your smile. That’s one of the many reasons patients and dentists alike love them; they can conceal everything from small gaps to permanent discoloration!

The Process of Getting Veneers

dentist helping smiling patient pick a shade of veneers

The process of getting veneers is usually broken up into three visits. The first is the consultation, which is when you’ll sit down with one of our highly experienced cosmetic dentists to discuss what you want your smile to look like. If they determine that veneers are the best way to achieve the results you desire, then they will move onto the next step: creating your custom treatment plan.

Before the lab artisans start working on your veneers, we need to “prep” your teeth and take the necessary impressions. Then, we will send off the impressions and the specifications of your veneers to the lab, and we’ll adhere temporary veneers so you can “test drive” your new smile for a few weeks. Once we receive your final veneers, we’ll closely inspect them to ensure they are perfect and, if they are, call you back in so we can bond them securely in place.

The Benefits of Veneers

woman in yellow shirt smiling in living room

If you’ve ever wondered why so many people rave about veneers, this next section is for you! Here are a few of the many reasons this cosmetic dental treatment is so loved:

  • Veneers can fix multiple dental flaws in a matter of weeks
  • The shade, shape, and size of veneers are completely customizable
  • With proper care, veneers can last for a decade or more
  • Veneers are made from stain-resistant materials
  • Veneers are easy to maintain

Understanding the Cost of Veneers

detal assistant smiling while handing patient form

In order to determine the cost of your smile transformation, we need to consider important factors like the dental flaws you’d like to address and the number of veneers you need. In other words, we can only provide you with an accurate estimate of the price in-person. The good news is that the consultation is relatively quick, it’s a great time to ask any and all questions you have about this cosmetic dental service, and we can review the financial solutions we offer to make the price more affordable at this time.